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May 2007
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Nelsonville OH gets Editions tab in Koha

Posted by: William Denton, 24 May 2007 9:51 am
Categories: Implementations

LibLime works on and sells support for the two big free and open source integrated library systems, Koha and Evergreen. In More Web Services: FRBR, xISBN, ThingISBN last week they announced that the Nelsonville Public Library added a module to their Koha installation that makes an Editions tab in their catalogue. It uses xISBN and thingISBN. (Nelsonville is a town in Ohio, in the United States.)

There’s even a nice set of system preferences to manage this new feature. They allow the library to turn the feature on/off, specify whether or not to use ThingISBN, and throttle the number of queries to the xISBN service, ensuring compliance to the terms of the free service (499 queries per day).

If you look at their entry for one of the manifestations of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and select the Editions tab you’ll see links to five other manifesations of the work (and one of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets).

Congratulations to the Nelsonville Public Library and all others involved! I don’t know if this plug-in will be made available to others, but I hope it is. A mention of it may turn up on the library’s web page about Koha and their use of it.