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March 2006
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2006 FRBR Challenge winners announced!

Posted by: William Denton, 16 March 2006 7:58 am
Categories: 2006 FRBR Challenge

Four people did the hard work of FRBRizing things related to The Lord of the Rings so we could see how well FRBR handles a large, complicated, interrelated set of things one might find in a library. Thanks to all of them! I randomly selected winners, and they are:

Winners, please e-mail me your postal addresses and I’ll get your prizes in the mail soon. Play with your dolls, read your books, and wear your pins with honour. I’ll summarize the entries and the challenges they pose to FRBR in an entry later this week.

Who knows what the 2007 FRBR Challenge will bring? If there is one. Who knows what 2007 will bring?

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